Wood apple

Wood apple

Wood apple or bael is a fruit predominantly grown in South Asian countries like India. It has a hard shell with a woody texture outside and orange pulp inside. This … Continue Reading →

Health Benefits of Peanut


Health Benefits of Peanut Peanuts are delicious and crunchy beans which are consumed and loved by all. They are mostly confused to be a nut but as a matter of … Continue Reading →

Health Benefits of Walnut


Health Benefits of Walnut Walnuts are small round shaped nuts covered by a hard shell. They are consumed worldwide and are known for their uncommon and bitter taste. They are … Continue Reading →

Health Benefits of Coffee


Health Benefits of Coffee There is no better way to kick start a day other than a cup of coffee. The instant energy, feel of rejuvenation and freshness provided by … Continue Reading →

Health Benefits of Mustard


Health Benefits of Mustard Strong flavor, sharp and hot aroma has made mustard a must in the culinary world. It is a key ingredient for many cuisines and is widely used … Continue Reading →