Smoking cessation

Smoking cessation is a daunting task in itself and requires a tremendous amount of determination and dedication. A lot of people fail in achieving this target. Cigarettes are addictive because of nicotine and not receiving a certain amount by the body causes withdrawal syndromes.

These syndromes are generally nausea, anxiety, lack of concentration, appetite loss, sleeplessness and fatigue. You need to take small but steady steps to accomplish this goal of smoking cessation. Here we will take you through a routine which you can follow to get rid of this deadly addiction.

smoking cessation

Smoking Cessation

Drink loads of water

It is necessary to drink a lot of water. Nicotine is toxic and it is hard to flush away. Water acts as a natural cleanser, so make sure you drink 2-4 liters of water a day.

Meditate for smoking cessation

Meditation and yoga are some techniques to reach towards the goal. People smoke primarily to ward off anxiety, stress and nervousness. Meditation helps in controlling the urge of smoking and aids in relaxing the nerves. Start with 15 minutes of meditation and stretch it to an hour each in the morning and evening.

Have a hobby

Do what you love doing the most. Whenever you get the craving to smoke, it is necessary to distract yourself. Indulging in hobbies is a healthy way to distract. Reading books, playing sports, taking pets for a stroll are some activities that one can perform.

Social Life

Talk a lot with friends and family. Tell them your plans of quitting. Make sure you and your friends are motivated and they help you in surpassing this harsh phase. Remove all the cigarettes and ashtrays from the home and work place.

Find alternatives to cigarette

Whenever there is a tendency to smoke, find new alternatives. Nicotine patches are the most common substitute of a cigarette. Otherwise, you can have gums, inhalers and sprays. Even medicines like varenicline and Buproprion can be consumed.

Smoking cessation through Counselling

Therapies are quite prevalent nowadays. It is sometimes necessary to consult a counselor and take expert advice so as to be able to quit smoking.

Consume ginger

Nausea is one of the most common withdrawal syndromes. Consumption of ginger assists in combating this problem and putting a rest to the withdrawal symptoms.

Smoking cessation remedy – Drink juices

Try out ginseng and grape juice whenever you want to smoke. They aid in resisting the urge of smoking cigarettes and also decrease withdrawal syndrome.

Avoid company of smokers

A lot of times we tend to smoke and drink in social gatherings and parties. It is advisable to skip those get together during this phase. Otherwise try to be with a group of non-smokers and consume lots of juices or mocktails.


Remember that withdrawal syndromes last only for a few days or weeks i.e. till the time toxins are present in the body. Following the above steps will lead you towards a healthier life and smoke free world.


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