Rum Health Benefits

Rum is an alcoholic drink prepared from sugarcane juice or molasses. It is produced from the process of fermentation. Rum has been a part of traditional and cultural drink in the Caribbean. It is now extensively produced and consumed worldwide. Various varieties of rum are produced and the color of the rum signifies the age of it.  Rum is used in various cocktails like rum punch. Desserts, ice-creams, cakes and tea use rum to attain its taste and flavor. So, let’s have a look at the rum health benefits.

Rum Health Benefits

Rum Health Benefits

Nutritional Benefits of Rum

Rum offers around 230 calories for 100 grams of its consumption. It contains absolutely no carbohydrates and fat. The energy is provided from its alcohol content.

Rum for Longevity

Moderate drinking of rum is associated with prolonged life. It can increase the life span by 2-5 years.

Rum for Heart

Peripheral artery diseases can be combated by its consumption. It helps in restricting artery blockages. It acts as a blood thinner and also increases HDL cholesterol. Heart attacks can be reduced by it.

Rum combats Muscle Pain

Intermittent claudication (muscle pain) can be kept off by its intake. Osteoporosis is prevented by its consumption as it aids in increasing the bone mineral density.

Rum prevents Common Cold

Because of the anti-microbial properties of alcohol, rum can be consumed when a person is suffering from common cold. It is known to provide a soothing and warming effect.

Important: Rum must be consumed responsibly. It should not be consumed more than 2 servings to reap its health benefits.



  • Pravin N says:

    The first of the drinks: Rum is the first branded spirit which is known to have been ever made. Therefore, it has been around for a much longer time as compared to other alcoholic beverages.
    Medicinal Properties: Rum is known to be very rich in medicinal properties such as keeping scurvy at bay. During war, British army was known to provide its soldiers with a ration of rum. Lime was added to the drink in order to make sure that soldiers did not suffer from Scurvy.
    Nutritional Benefits and Longetivity: Rum is known to offer 230 calories per 100 grams of consumption. Therefore, it contains no known amount of carbohydrates or fats. Drinking a moderate amount of rum is known to increase the average life span of a person by 2 to 5 years.
    Healthy Heart: Rum has proved to be a great remedy for peripheral artery disease. It helps to restrict the formation of artery blockage. Rum is known to act as a blood thinner and it increases the HDL cholesterol. The chances of heart attacks too are decreased by the consumption of rum.
    Decreases Muscle Pain: Rum is known to be a great reliever for Intermittent Claudication or muscle pain. Osteoporosis is also known to remain at bay with its consumption as it tends to increase the bone mineral density.
    Preventing Common Cold: Rum contains anti microbial properties which can be commonly consumed by anyone who is suffering from common cold. Also, rum is known to provide a soothing and warming effect to the affected person.

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  • Louis M. Luminarias says:

    What is a “serving” of rum amount to? Thanks!

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    Nice for sleeping

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    I have been continue drinking rum before 23 years ago

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    Awesome what I’ve heard from the benefits of Rum drink. What is best to mix with it and how much is too much in one night when 27 years old? I do not drink frequently but I love rum especially coconut run as well as red wines. How long do They stay fresh for and how much water should I drink too to prevent hang over?Thanks for your tips!

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