Jackfruit Benefits

Jackfruit belongs to the mulberry family. One of the largest tree-borne fruits, jackfruit has a thick green covering with harmless spikes on it. The fruit is yellowish orange in colour with soft, sweet and fibrous pulp. Jackfruits are known for their distinct aroma and unique taste. Jackfruit can be eaten raw when ripe or can be cooked. It is commonly used in ice-creams, chips, desserts and vegetable curries. So, let’s have a look at the various jackfruit benefits.

Jackfruit Benefits

Jackfruit Benefits

Nutritional Benefits of Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a low calorie food. It provides around 100 calories for 100 grams of its consumption. It is rich in carbohydrates and provides dietary fibre and protein. Vitamins like Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B, Vitamin-C and Vitamin-E are present in it. It contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorous.

Jackfruit Nutrition Facts

Jackfruit Nutrition Facts (Source-Google/USDA)

Jackfruit lowers Blood Pressure

Jackfruit is high in potassium and contains negligible amount of sodium compared to it. Potassium aids in balancing the amount of sodium in the body, the prime factor which is responsible for high blood pressure. It aids in maintaining the fluid level i.e. proper amount of electrolytes.

Jackfruit Benefits – Prevents Cancer

Jackfruits are loaded with antioxidant flavonoids and phytonutrients like saponins and lignans. They help in suppressing the impact of free radicals and prevent oxidative damages. Free radicals are responsible for damaging the DNA and converts healthy cells into cancer cells.  Colon, lung and oral cancer can be combated by jackfruit consumption.

Jackfruit promotes Digestion

Jackfruit is a great laxative. It is soft and filled with dietary fibre. Consumption of it can promote healthy bowel movement. Fibre even helps in protecting the lining of the mucous membrane, thus reducing the onset of colon cancer.  It even has anti-ulcer properties.

Jackfruit Benefits for Bones

Magnesium and calcium is found in large amount in jackfruits. These minerals aid in strengthening the bones. Magnesium is one of the nutrients that aids in the absorption of calcium in the body, thus preventing bone loss and increasing bone mineral density. Potassium helps in decreasing calcium loss through kidney.

Jackfruit for Eye Health

Vitamin-A and antioxidants are found in abundance in jackfruit. These nutrients help eyes from harmful free radicals, which can cause degeneration of retina thereby making vision poor. Consumption of Vitamin-A can help prevent night blindness and macular degeneration.

Jackfruit prevents Anaemia

Jackfruit contains a lot of nutrients that can help increase the rate of blood formation. These are Vitamin-A,Vitamin-C,Vitamin-B6, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-K, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid and minerals like copper, manganese and magnesium. Vitamin-C aids in increasing the absorption of iron in the body, thus helping in preventing anaemia.

Jackfruit boosts Energy and Immunity

Vitamin-C in jackfruit helps in keeping off harmful germs causing flu and cold. It provides an antioxidant property in fighting free radicals. Carbohydrate in it is in the form of simple sugar like sucrose and fructose, which get easily broken thus providing instant energy.

Jackfruit for Healthy Skin

Jackfruit is recommended for achieving good skin because of its antioxidant and Vitamin-C content. It delays the onset of aging and helps in retaining the moisture level in the skin.

Jackfruit inhibits Diseases

Jackfruit is often cited as a healthy food when a person is suffering from asthma or has thyroid problem. Consumption of jackfruit leaves help in controlling the level of glucose in the body and can be beneficial against type-2 diabetes.

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