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Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric has traditionally been used as an integral part of most south Asian cuisines. Its popularity as an everyday spice can be attributed to the flavor and color it lends to the dishes. However, turmeric has been deemed a wonder spice because of its numerous health benefits. The alternative medicine, Ayurveda, had long recognized turmeric as a cure for multiple ailments ranging from skin conditions to digestive disorders. Recent studies have shown that curcumin,a principal component of turmeric, is beneficial for treating cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease.Let’s have a detailed look at the various health benefits of turmeric.

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Health Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric to aid Digestion

Turmeric offers a range of benefits for the digestive tract and stomach. Turmeric facilitates bile secretion and helps in fat metabolism. Curcumin, the active constituent of turmeric, lowers body fat and is recommended for controlling weight gain.Turmeric is also found to lower the bad cholesterol level (LDL) and thus promotes a healthy heart.Turmeric is an effective carminative and a great home remedy for flatulence. It not only prevents gas formation in the stomach and intestines but also aids in expelling it.The inclusion of turmeric in everyday meals strengthens digestive capability of the body and ensures healthy metabolism.

Health Benefits of Turmeric – Improves Skin Health

Turmeric provides unsurpassed advantages to the skin.Being an antioxidant, turmeric keeps the skin healthy and young. It helps in skin repair and reduces blemishes. Application of turmeric paste is known to clear complexion and add glow to the skin.It is effective against acne and other dermatological conditions.Turmeric is also beneficial to the skin because of its antiseptic properties. It can act as a quick home remedy for cuts and burns. This makes turmeric an active ingredient of many skin creams.

Turmeric cures Arthritis

Curcumin present in turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties. This aids in relieving pain and inflammation in the joints of arthritic patients. Studies have shown that Curcumin improves bone health and reduces the degradation of bone cartilage.This is why turmeric supplements are prescribed to patients suffering from arthritis. An added advantage is that these supplements, being extracted from a natural product, have no side effects.

Health Benefits of Turmeric – Prevents Cancer

Research has shown that the wonder ingredient of turmeric, Curcumin, has anti-carcinogenic properties. It is speculated that Curcumin not only inhibits the growth of cancer cells, but also prevents cancer development. Being an anti-oxidant, Curcumin prevents cell damage leading to cancer. Recent studies have also shown that Curcumin kills cancer cells, thus holding a promising cure for the disease.

Turmeric combats Alzheimer’s

The primary causes of Alzheimer’s disease are the formation of beta-amyloid plaquesand oxidative stress. Curcumin, which is a powerful antioxidant,is speculated to work against these factors and thus prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Ongoing research suggests that turmeric supplements may even slow down the progression of dementia. In fact, it is widely known that in India, where turmeric is regularly consumed, has a low rate of Alzheimer’s disease than most western countries.

Other Health Benefits of Turmeric

  • Turmeric is beneficial to the liver as it purifies the blood and detoxifies the liver.
  • The anti-oxidant properties of turmeric works against ageing.
  • Turmeric also works against diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels.
  • Turmeric is also used as a home remedy for throat infection and cough.

Turmeric undoubtedly offers a host of benefits. So make turmeric a part of your dishes and add spice to your life.

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