Health Benefits of Sardines

Sardine is a sea fish, which belongs to the clupeidae family. Sardine is characteristically small in size and has a range of varieties. Sardines are loaded with nutrients, especially calcium. This fish has developed significant importance because of the health benefits it offers. Sardines are even preserved in cans and are exported and consumed worldwide. Sardines can be smoked, grilled, stir fried or pickled. So, let’s have a look at the numerous health benefits of sardines.

Health Benefits of Sardines

Health Benefits of Sardines

Nutritional Benefits of Sardine

Sardine provides 200 calories for 100 grams of its consumption. It is rich in protein and healthy fats. Omega-3 fatty acid is found in high amount in it. Calcium, potassium and phosphorous are the minerals present in majority in sardine. Magnesium, iron, sodium and selenium are other minerals present in it. Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B complexes and Vitamin-D are the vitamins found in sardines.

Sardine Nutrition Facts

Sardine Nutrition Facts (Source-Google/USDA)

Sardines for Healthy Heart

Sardines are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. EPA and DHA are the kind of fatty acids present in them which promote cardiovascular health. They help in lowering the level of bad cholesterol and triglyceride in the body. Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant present in sardine which also helps in restricting the cholesterol deposits in the arteries. Vitamin-B12 helps in maintaining the level of homocysteine. Increase in homocysteine can lead to damaged arteries causing atherosclerosis.

Health Benefits of Sardines – Strengthen Bones

Sardine contains Vitamin-D and high amount of calcium. Vitamin-D helps in the absorption of calcium, thus making the bones stronger. Vitamin-D also prevents inflammation. Omega-3 in it aids in supporting the cartilage and also stabilizes the amount of minerals in the bones. Even phosphorous in it aids in maintaining the bone matrix. Osteoporosis can be inhibited by its consumption.

Sardines for Eyes

Sardines are beneficial for eye health. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids have been found to combat age related macular degeneration in older people. Dry eye syndrome can also be prevented by its consumption. So, sardines must be added in the diet to improve eye health.

Sardines prevent Cancer

Coenzyme Q 10 is a powerful enzyme found in sardine. It has been helpful in preventing the metabolism of cancer cells in a person suffering from kidney cancer. Even omega-3 fatty acids inhibit cancer growth. Prostate cancer, breast cancer, leukaemia, myeloma are some of the cancer which can be kept at bay. Sardines contain Vitamin-D. Vitamin-D is beneficial in regulating cell activities, thus preventing the onset of cancer.

Health Benefits of Sardines – Nourish Skin

Healthy omega-3 fatty acids aid in moisturizing the skin. The fatty acids can aid in the production of collagen and elastin fibres, thus making the skin look radiant and young. Antioxidants in sardines can also help in protecting the skin from free radical damages.

Good Source of Protein

Lean muscles can be developed by its consumption. Sardines are packed with protein and people trying to gain muscles must definitely add this food to their diet. Protein helps in the development of muscles and connective tissues and even antibodies that provide immunity to the body.

Sardine for Hair

High amount of omega-3 fatty acids make sardine a hair healthy food. It aids in nourishing the root of the hair, thus strengthening them. Lustrous hair can be achieved by its consumption. Protein is the building block of hair. It helps in increasing the rate of growth of hair and makes them dense and healthy.

Sardines for Brain and Nervous System

Vitamin-B 12 helps in the proper functioning of nervous system.  Consumption of omega-3 fatty acids can help in reducing the chances of development of Alzheimer’s disease.

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