Health Benefits of Pears

Pear is a light green colored sweet, juicy and fleshy fruit. This fruit belongs to the rosaceae family. This fruit cultivates in mild temperature and cold regions of North Africa, Asia and Western Europe. Pear fruit is usually consumed raw though it is also used in the production of jams and jellies.  Pears can also be boiled for preparation of juices. The wood of pear plant is popular for furniture and fire purposes. Pears are loaded with dietary fiber and are highly nutritious. So, let’s discuss the nutrients contained in it followed by the health benefits of pears.

Health benefits of pears

Health benefits of pears

Nutritional benefits of Pear

Pear is a low calorie fruit. 100 grams of it provides around 60 calories. It is rich in dietary fiber and carbohydrates and provides small amounts of fats and protein. It is a good source of Vitamin-C and choline. Other vitamins like Vitamin-B, Vitamin-E and Vitamin-K are found in traces. Minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, phosphorous are also present in pear.

Counter diabetes

Diabetes can be combated by consuming pears. As a rich source of dietary fiber, pear helps in controlling the sugar level in blood. Also, it contains three types of flavonoids namely flavonols, flavan-3-ols, and anthocyanins. These nutrients have the ability to make insulin more sensitive. Research has found that it is most effective against type-2 diabetes and has been found to work better in women than in men.

Promote weight loss

85% of pear fruit has water. Even dietary finer content in pear is high. Consuming pear can help in combating hunger. It can become a good substitute for junk foods as an evening snack.

Health benefits of Pears – Heart friendly

The fiber present in pear has the ability to hold bile acid and thus restricts them in producing cholesterol. This results in lowering of the cholesterol level in the body.  Also, pectin present in it has the ability to lower triglyceride and cholesterol level.

Combat cancer

High amount of non-soluble polysaccharide in its fiber makes pear a potent source against cancer. Colon cancer can be prohibited by its consumption as it protects the mucous membrane from getting affected by the toxins and harmful waste in our body by absorbing them. Also, phytonutrient known as cinnamic acid found in pear has been found to protect against gastric cancer.

Enhance digestion

Pear is a rich source of dietary fiber. It helps in clearing the intestinal tracts and allows easy bowel movement. Also, Vitamin-C in it can promote digestion by secreting more digestive enzymes.

Other health benefits of pears

  • Pear has been described as a low allergic food. So, people who suffer from allergies are recommended to add pear in their diets.
  • This fruit is loaded with antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties. Lutein, beta-carotene and zea-xanthin are some of the antioxidants present which can prevent oxidative stress due to the free radicals. Also, antioxidants act as immunity booster and can protect against various pathogens.
  • Folate in pear can help in preventing neural tube defects and improve brain development of babies.
  • Boron is a mineral present in pear. It has the ability to retain calcium in the body. So, whenever you are taking calcium, don’t forget to munch on this fruit. It can help prevent osteoporosis.
  • Pear juice is often recommended when a person is suffering from fever or has sore throat. Antioxidants like Citamin-C help in fighting disease causing microbial.

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