Health Benefits of Orange

Orange is a citrus fruit popular for its sweet and tangy flavour.  They belong to the rutaceae family and are grown and consumed across the world. Oranges look vibrant and are generally eaten fresh. They are also often used in various juices, salads, jams, jellies and marmalades. Ice-creams, cakes and tarts use orange flavour for its aroma and taste. Read on to know the numerous nutritional and health benefits of orange.

Health Benefits of Orange

Health Benefits of Orange

Nutritional Health Benefits of Orange

Oranges are high in sugar and carbohydrates. They provide low energy and contain around 50 calories for 100 grams of consumption. Orange is known to be rich in dietary fibre and Vitamin-C. Besides Vitamin-C, orange contains Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B and Vitamin-E. Minerals like iron, zinc, potassium, calcium, magnesium and manganese are also found in oranges.

Oranges are Heart Friendly and Reduce Cholesterol

Oranges contain folates and antioxidants which are known to reduce cholesterol and prevent heart diseases and strokes.  Apo B production is significantly reduced in the body due to the consumption of oranges. Apo B is known to play a vital role in producing LDL cholesterol. Orange contains limonin which restricts the development of Apo B. Orange contains another compound known as pectin. Pectin is known to absorb all the fats which contain high cholesterol.

Orange peel is also found to lower cholesterol level. They contain polymethoxylated flavones which can reduce bad cholesterol level. Oranges is also a source of potassium. Inadequate amount of this mineral can cause heart diseases like arrhythmia.

Health Benefits of Orange – Prevents Cancer

Cancer can be restricted by its intake. Orange contains D-limonene which is known to reduce the metabolism of carcinogenic cells in the body. Limonene aids in stimulating the antioxidant detoxification system and thus inhibits the onset of carcinogenic cells. Numerous types of cancer like lung, mouth, breast, colon and skin cancer can be avoided by it.

Orange is a rich source of Vitamin-C which is known to restrict cancer as it protects against nitrosamines which are known to be cancer causing agents found in food. Thus, consumption of Vitamin-C is known to be helpful against oral, stomach and oesophagus cancer.

Orange contains Pectin which helps in forming a protective layer on the mucus membrane of the colon and helps in removing the attacks of various toxins. This helps in preventing colon cancer.

Orange Increases Immunity

Orange is one of the major sources of Vitamin-C. It is a natural anti-oxidant which protects from free radical damages and aids in rebuilding collagen in the skin. Vitamin-C aids in keeping away disease causing micro-organisms.  Flavonoids like hesperetin, naringin, and naringenin are present in orange.  They are known to increase immunity and even have anti-inflammatory properties.

Orange is rich in Vitamin-B complex like thiamine, pyridoxine and folates. Vitamin-B is known to relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Burning of fats is triggered by it. It also helps in repairing DNA damages.

Health Benefits of Orange – Enhances Digestion

Oranges are high in fibre which helps in proper bowel movement. They along with Vitamin-C help in producing and releasing digestive juices which helps in promoting digestion by proper disintegration of food particles. Intestinal tracts are cleared by consuming high fibre foods. Heart burn and bloating can be reduced by its consumption.

Orange and Skin Benefits

Orange is known to have astringent and toning properties. Antioxidants and Vitamin-C make orange a potent for skin health. Antioxidants in it help in fighting free radicals which can cause skin cancer. Wrinkles, blemishes and aging signs can be delayed by its intake. Vitamin-C helps in flushing out the toxins thus providing an instant glow to the skin.

Orange peel is also beneficial for skin health. Scrubbing it directly on the face can help in removing dry dead cells. Even orange peel mask can be formed and applied. They help in rejuvenating the skin and open the pores. Pimples and acne can be avoided by its intake.

Other Health Benefits Of Oranges

  • Oranges are high in Vitamin-A and beta-carotene which help in protecting the eyes. Xerophthalmia (drying of the cornea) can be prevented by it
  • Orange peel is known to be a natural and healthy way to clean teeth. Applying the paste of it can burnish teeth.
  • Oranges can be consumed during flu, cold and cough. They contain Vitamin-C which provides a soothing effect during such conditions. Bronchitis, asthma and other viral can be prevented by its intake.
  • Orange peel contains a huge amount of calcium. It can be consumed to gain stronger bones and restrict diseases like osteoporosis.
  • Oranges and orange peel can be consumed to avoid bad odor. Its zest and sweet aroma can provide a fresh feel to the mouth.

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