Health Benefits of Oat­­­­s

Oat is a cereal grain which is gaining immense popularity as a healthy breakfast cereal. It is the primary ingredient of muesli and granola. A variety of breads, cakes and cookies are also made from oats. Oats are known to keep one sated for long and this makes them a favorite among health conscious people. Moreover, it is also a good source of a range of nutrients. So let’s understand the importance of this wonder food and learn about the health benefits of oats.

Health Benefits of Oats

Health Benefits of Oats

Nutritional Benefits of Oats

Oats are a good source of energy. They provide around 400 calories for 100 grams of consumption. Oats are rich in carbohydrates, protein and dietary fibre. Vitamin-B complex and fats are also gained from this grain. Minerals like zinc, magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium are found in oats.

Oats reduce Cholesterol and are Heart Friendly

Oats are rich in soluble fibre which make them really beneficial in combating cholesterol. Soluble fibre helps in accumulating the bad LDL cholesterol and restricts them from getting absorbed in the body. It is even rich in omega-3 fatty acids and folates, which are heart friendly compounds. They help in lowering the level of triglyceride along with LDL cholesterol. Formation of plaque in the blood arteries can be prohibited and heart strokes can be prevented. Another antioxidants known as tocotrienols and avenanthramides are present in oats. These also aid in lowering the bad cholesterol and fight free radical damages without altering the level of HDL cholesterol. Hardening of walls can be prevented as they restrict the accumulation of monocytes in the artery walls, thus preventing stenonis.

Oats prevent Diabetes

Diabetic patients are advised to add oats to their diet.  High amount of fibre helps in controlling the level of glucose from surging or plummeting.  It contains a compound known as beta-glucan which slows down the process of carbohydrate digestion and thus dramatic drift in the glucose level is restricted. It also aids in increasing the insulin sensitivity due to the presence of magnesium, which is an important co-factor for enzymes for insulin secretion. Type 2 diabetic patients should consume it as it is found to decrease the amount of insulin needed by around 35-40%.

Oats can prevent Cancer

Breast and ovarian cancer can be prevented by its consumption. High fibre content helps in reducing the level of estrogen in the body. High dietary fibre aids in reducing the chances of rectal cancer. It is even rich in antioxidants and phenolic compounds which can decrease the onset of prostate cancer by inhibiting the metabolism of carcinogenic cells.

Oats prevent Weight Gain

Although oats have significant amount of calories, it can be beneficial in losing weight. High fibre content helps in keeping a person sated, so it restricts overeating. The process of digestion is decreased due to fibre content. It is even low in glycaemic index.

Oats for Skin

Various face packs can be made using oats. It can be mixed with rose water and applied on the face to remove dead cells and unblock skin pores. When applied with olive oil and lemon juice, it can act as a conditioner and helps in providing a smooth and supple skin. Acne and its mark can also be removed by it.

It is known to be anti-inflammatory and is recommended to a person who has dry skin. It is known to be hypoallergenic and can be applied by person suffering from eczema.

Oats enhance Digestion

A fibre rich food is always beneficial for good digestion. The insoluble fibre present in oats can help in binding the food particles and can make bowel movement efficient. They help in keeping the intestinal tracts clear and can prevent constipation.

Other Health Benefits Of Oats

  • High blood pressure can be reduced by its intake. It is rich in potassium which helps in neutralizing the effects of sodium.
  • Oat is rich in Vitamin-B6 which helps in the production of serotonin. Serotonin helps in providing relaxation and also induces sleep.
  • Significant amount of calcium is present in oats, which make it beneficial for bones.
  • Lipids and essential fatty acids can result in longevity.
  • It is recommended for pregnant women as it contains folic acid.

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