Health Benefits of Milk

Milk can be regarded as the most consumed dairy and food product. It is an integral part of our health as it is consumed from birth till the very old age. It is consumed by masses of all ages and contains lots of nutrients and minerals. Milk is also used in a variety of cuisines like chocolates, cakes, cheese, ice creams and curries. It adds flavor and unique taste. Milk provides numerous health and nutritional benefits. So, let’s have a look at the health benefits of milk.

Health Benefits of Milk

Health Benefits of Milk

Nutritional Benefits of Milk

Milk provides around 75 calories for 100 gms of its consumption. Almost 90% of milk is water. It is a major source of calcium and protein. Milk contains a decent amount of fats which varies depending upon the breed of an animal. It provides lot of minerals and vitamins. Vitamin-A, B, D, K are present in milk. Traces of sodium, magnesium and potassium are also found in milk.

Milk improves Bone Health

Milk is a source of calcium which helps in the development and growth of bones. It aids in strengthening the bones and increases bone density. Osteoporosis can be prevented by daily intake of milk. It has been found that calcium from dairy products have more absorption capacity by the body as compared to vegetables. It is also rich in phosphorous, magnesium and protein which helps in bone development.


Health Benefits of Milk – Good for Dental Care

Milk is a source of calcium and phosphorous which helps in dental care. Casein is a kind of protein which is present in milk which acts as a shield and forms a protective layer over the enamel, thus protecting it from decay and plaque formation. Traces of Iodine are found in milk and researchers have found that iodine is helpful in making the teeth strong and germ free. Phosphorous also plays a vital role in keeping the gums healthy.
Milk also contains Vitamin-D which helps in combating the production of cytokines which are responsible for many periodontal diseases. Riboflavin is also known to fight mouth ulcers and protects from germs.

Milk promotes Muscle Building

Milk contains protein which helps in developing muscles. Whey protein and casein are two types of protein found in milk. Whey protein is very easily broken into amino acids and is quickly absorbed in the bloodstream. Thus, a person looking to build muscles should have a heavy intake of milk daily.

Health Benefits of Milk – Maintains Healthy Weight

Milk can be a healthy appetizer and can become a substitute to fried snacks. Many varieties of milk are available. Skimmed milk can be consumed by obese and health conscious people. Full fat and cream milk can become a good option for those who want to gain weight.

Other Health Benefits Of Milk

  • Consumption of milk has been found to lower the risk of cancer. Researchers have found lower risk of cancer in people who consume milk than those who do not. Milk intake can decrease the risk of colorectal and breast cancer. Conjugated Linoleic Acid is present in milk fat which can prevent colon cancer.
  • Milk consumption can help in keeping the body hydrated as it contains a lot of water and vital vitamins and minerals.
  • Calcium helps in lowering bad cholesterol thus helps in efficient cardiovascular functioning.
  • A glass of hot milk can induce sleep as it relaxes the nerves and tensed muscles.
  • It acts as a good antacid and should be consumed cold during heartburn and gastric problems.
  • Milk is an energy booster and is known to reduce many stress related diseases like PMS.

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