Health benefits of Lemons

Vibrant yellow in color  tangy and fresh; lemon is a small citrus fruit. Lemons are used for garnishing and provides with an exotic aroma for various culinary. The best part about lemon is its each and every part (pulp, juice and outer skin) can be used for cooking. Lemons are widely used and have proven to do wonders for one’s heath and skin. Freshly squeezed lime juice, refreshing deserts are one of the only few dishes where lemons are used and are a favorite among the youngsters. Lemons provide with a pleasantly stimulating and fresh feel when consumed and one can really  get a kick after having it. Besides its soothing zingy taste, lemon is known for providing with a lot of heath benefits. Let us have an overview of the health benefits of lemons.

Health Benefits of Lemons

Health Benefits of Lemons

Lemon benefits – For Digestion

Lemons when taken with warm water aids in proper digestion. It is  most effective when taken in the morning. High content of vitamin c in lemons helps in the digestion. Lemon consists of digestive juices which aids in digestion thus preventing heartburn, gastric problems, abdominal swelling. It acts as a detoxifying substance removing toxins from kidney and digestive system. It helps in increasing the immunity of a person and also purifies the blood, thus making a person healthy.

Lemon benefits – Immunity against Cold and Fever

As mentioned earlier lemon contains a high quantity of vitamin-c (53mg for 100gm) which helps in preventing and curing a person having fever or common cold. Lemon helps in the production of antibodies and WBC’s which help in fighting against the micro-organisms in the body. Lemon is known to be an antibacterial agent. When a person is suffering from fever, intake of lemon helps in increasing the rate of diaphoresis thus aiding in the removal of fever.

Lemon for Dental Hygiene

Lemons are of great help for dental care. Consumption of lemon can prevent bad breath resulting in day long freshness. It has been scientifically proven that when lemon juice is applied directly on the gums, it can stop them from bleeding. Applying lemon juice directly on to the aching tooth can reduce the pain.

Health Benefits of Lemons – Weight Management

Lemons are widely used by the health conscious people for maintaining their body in perfect shape and size. Lemon helps in to cut the flab and reduces fat in the body. Lemon consists of a substance called’pectin’, which helps in cutting the fat from the body.Generally,lemon juice with honey and water is taken in the morning for reducing weight.

Lemon Benefits – For Healthy Skin

Lemon is a natural face cleanser, it acts as bleach and can lighten skin tone. Lemon juice is directly applied on to the acne and pimple marks to prevent skin marks. They are even used by eczema patients. Vitamin-C content in lemon is quite high which acts as an anti-oxidant.

Health Benefits of Lemons – Lowers Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Lemon contains potassium, a substance that helps to lower blood pressure. It helps in the relaxation of mind and body. It increases HDL in the body which is good cholesterol and lowers the production of a substance called ‘apo B’ which is responsible for triggering bad cholesterol level(LDL).

Other health benefits of Lemons

  • Lemon can do wonders for ones hair; it can bring lustre and make them  shine.
  • Lemon can prevent nausea, dehydration, diarrhea and dizziness.
  • Lemon prevents hypertension, insomnia and varicose (enlarged veins).
  • Lemon acts as an antiseptic agent and are helpful in preventing  callus.


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