Eggplant or brinjal is a vegetable, which is a part of solanum family. It is found in various sizes and different vibrant colors like green, violet and white. Eggplant is characterized by its soft and tender bitter taste. Eggplants are used in various mixed vegetables; it is often deep fried and salted. Ratatouille is a famous French dish, which is a kind of stew prepared from eggplants. Eggplants can be stuffed, roasted and be used in various curries. Chutneys and pickles are also prepared using eggplants in Asian countries. Let us have a look at the nutritional and health benefits of eggplant.

Health Benefits of Eggplant

Health Benefits of Eggplant

Health Benefits of Eggplant

Nutritional Benefits of Eggplant

Eggplants are low energy foods. 100 grams of their consumption yield around 30 calories. Eggplants contain carbohydrate and dietary fibre. They are rich in Vitamin-B, Vitamin-C and Vitamin-K.  Minerals like zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium are also found in this vegetable.

Eggplant prevents Cancer

Eggplant is rich in tripsin which helps in restricting the metabolism of carcinogenic cells. Being rich in fibre makes it potent in combating the risk of colon cancer. The skin of eggplant contains phytonutrient called as nasunin and phytochemical called solasodine glycoside. These are antioxidants that help in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells by restricting free radical damage. Eggplants are also known to contain chlorogenic acid which prevents mutation of the DNA and also has anti-cancer properties.

Health Benefits of Eggplant – Heart-friendly

Eggplants contain zero cholesterol and saturated fats. Nasunin is an antioxidant which can reduce the level of bad LDL cholesterol. They also contain lovastatin which help in restricting the cholesterol making enzyme. Artery walls remain flexible and thus help in increasing the blood flow. Fibre present in eggplant also aids in absorbing the cholesterol and restricts them from getting ingested in the body.

Eggplant for Brain Health

Eggplants are rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants which help in protecting brain cells from free radicals, which can cause damage to the cells through the process of oxidation.  Nasunin also helps in protecting lipids present in the cell membrane from damage. Eggplants are packed with Vitamin-B complexes which can aid in healthy nervous system. Vitamin-B6 helps in regulating mental fatigue and can enhance mood.

Eggplant Benefits for Diabetics

Eggplant can be beneficial in restricting type-2 diabetes. They contain low level of carbohydrate and are a fibre rich food.  They also contain phenols which help in regulating the level of glucose in the blood and restrict it from surging or plunging.

Eggplants are beneficial for Skin

Eggplants have plenty of nutrients which can help in making it a potent source for skin health. It is rich in Vitamin-C, antioxidants like anthocyanins and various minerals. Antioxidants help in protecting the skin from free radicals. Free radicals can cause wrinkles and premature aging, making the skin to look dull. Vitamin-C and plenty of water present in eggplant makes the skin smooth and supple.

Other Health Benefits Of Eggplant

  • Dietary fibre rich food is always beneficial for digestion. They can help relieve from constipation and can aid in clearing the intestinal tracts.
  • Eggplants are rich in phenols which can restrict the actions of angiotensin converting enzyme, ACE which is known to increase the blood pressure level.
  • Vitamin-K and bioflavonoids help in preventing blood clots.
  • Few people are allergic to eggplants which can cause mild headaches and stomach aches. It can be due to the hypersensitivity towards few compounds like histamines present in eggplant. These people must restrict the consumption of eggplants.

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