Health Benefits of Cloves

Cloves are flower buds which are very popularly used as condiment. It is known for its distinct aroma and is used in various cuisines.  It is added in sweets and hot curries for its unique flavor. Cloves have quite a few medicinal uses. Let us have a look at the nutritional and health benefits of cloves.

Health Benefits of Cloves

Health Benefits of Cloves

Nutritional Benefits of Cloves

Cloves provide only around 50 calories for 100 gram of its consumption. It is high in carbohydrates and also contains high amount of protein and dietary fibre. Cloves do not contain any cholesterol. It is packed with lots of Vitamins and one can get Vitamin-A, C, E and K by its intake. Various minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, copper, magnesium and manganese can be obtained by cloves.

Good for Dental Health

Clove oil is very beneficial for dental care. It helps in keeping the harmful microorganisms away from mouth. Acetyl eugenol, beta-caryophyllene and vanillin, crategolic acids are the essential oils found in clove which can suppress toothache and gum bleeding. It can be directly applied on to the affected area to get instant relief. It can be chewed after meals to remove bad breath and odour.


Health Benefits of Cloves – Improve Digestion

Bitter taste of clove helps in activating digestive enzymes which helps in proper digestion of food. Flatulence can be avoided by its consumption. Eugenic acid and crategolic acid are the oils present in cloves which aid in digestion. Cloves help in smoothening of the muscle lining in the digestive tract and relax it. Nausea sensation can be avoided by chewing it. High fibre content can aid in proper bowel movement and can prevent constipation.

Cloves prevent Cold and Flu

Essential oils present in clove helps in preventing fever and sore throat. They have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties which help in keeping away germs from the body. Cloves aid in preventing phlegm from the respiratory system. Clove intake promotes sweating thereby helps in reducing fever. Cloves are often slowly chewed to provide relief from sore throat and prevent cough.

Health Benefits of Cloves – Rich Source of Vitamins

Cloves are a major source of Vitamin-A and beta carotene. They acts as antioxidants and prevents harmful free radical damages. Vitamin-A is helpful for vision and helps in protecting retina.  It even supports the mucus membrane in the body. They help in improving the immunity of the body and aids in the development of lymphocytes. These cells help in fighting harmful microbial and viral infections.

Vitamin-C present in cloves helps in rejuvenating and enhancing the skin texture. Vitamin-B6 in clove helps in improving memory and enhances cognitive activities. Vitamin-K helps in heart protection and improves bone health.

Other Health Benefits Of Cloves

  • Clove helps in reducing hypotonic muscles and even diseases like multiple sclerosis.
  • Cloves are found to be beneficial in  reducing blood sugar levels. Intake of 1 or 2 cloves daily can be beneficial for type-2 diabetes.
  • Clove oil can be directly applied on forehead and temple to reduce headaches caused due to cold and migraines.
  • Cloves help in improving blood circulation, which is important for the proper functioning of the organs and the cells.
  • Clove has anti-inflammatory properties. It contains eugenol which helps in reducing pain and swelling. Kaempferol and rhamnetin are found in cloves which reduce damage to the cells.

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