Cherries are citrus juicy fruits known for their attractive bright red color and unique taste. Cherries are part of the prunus family and are extensively used in garnishing, pies, milk shakes, smoothies and ice-creams. They can be consumed in abundance and offer loads of health benefits. Let’s have a look at the nutritional and health benefits of cherry.

Health Benefits of Cherry

Health Benefits of Cherry

Health Benefits of Cherry

Nutritional Benefits of Cherry

Cherry is a low calorie food as it provides only around 55 calories for 100 gram of its consumption. It is rich in carbohydrates and dietary fibre. Various vitamins are also contained in it namely Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B, Vitamin-C and Vitamin-K. Minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc are present in cherries.

Cherries are Anti-Cancerous

Cherries are rich in antioxidants which make them anti-carcinogenic. They help in restricting the metabolism of cancer cells. Anthocyanins are the antioxidants which inhibit the body from free radical damages that can damage body cells and tissues. They also contain quercetin and ellagic acid which shows apoptosis properties i.e. they help in destroying the cancer cells without harming the healthy cells.

Cherry Benefits for Skin

Cherry can be considered as a wonder food when it comes to skin health. Antioxidants and vitamins present in cherries help in making the skin radiant and supple. Researchers have found that it contains close to 20 types of antioxidants. Antioxidants help in fighting wrinkles and delays aging process. They also aid in combating acne and skin eruptions. Vitamin-A and Vitamin-C is found in abundance in it which help fight germs and infections because of their anti-bacterial properties.

Health Benefits of Cherry – Heart Friendly

Cherries are rich in antioxidants and dietary fibre. Anthocyanins help in decreasing the level of bad LDL cholesterol and triglyceride.  They help in activating PPAR which regulates the body fats and helps reduce the level of cholesterol. Pectin is a soluble dietary fibre present in cherries which helps in flushing out the cholesterol without getting absorbed.

Cherries reduce Inflammation

Cherries have anti-inflammatory properties. It can help in reducing the swollen joint pains and osteoarthritis. It contains a significant amount of melatonin, which helps in combating inflammation. Melatonin helps in scavenging hydroxyl radical (.OH), peroxynitrite anion (ONOO-), and hypochlorous acid (HOCl) which are responsible for causing inflammation.

Cherries for Weight Loss

As mentioned earlier, cherries contain few calories. It is loaded with water and healthy nutrients. Dietary fibre and water helps in keeping a person sated. It is rich in Vitamin-B complex which helps in metabolizing the nutrients efficiently. Soluble fibre present in it helps in maintaining weight by restricting the fats getting absorbed in the body. Belly fat is said to be reduced by the consumption of tart cherries.

Health Benefits of Cherry – Reduce Blood Pressure

Reduction in blood pressure can be primarily due to the high level of potassium present in this fruit. It helps in counter-balancing the effects of sodium, thus maintaining blood pressure. Quercetin present in it is also responsible for decreasing the level of blood pressure.

Cherries for Hair

Cherries contain Vitamin-A which helps in the hydration of scalp. It is also rich in retinoic acid which aids in improving hair health and texture. Vitamin-E and Vitamin-C aid in strengthening the roots of the hair and increase blood circulation in the scalp.

Other Health Benefits of Cherry

  • Cherries are helpful in combating dementia and Alzheimer’s disease due to the presence of anthocyanins. They aid in restricting the process of oxidation in brain cells and thus keep them active.
  • Cherries can be consumed to prevent stress and busy mind. It contains melatonin which is known to provide a soothing effect. It helps in inducing sleep and can provide relaxation.
  • Cherries are helpful in reducing the level of uric acid and C – reactive protein, which are the prime factors responsible for gout. Intake of it, aids in lowering the chances of gout.
  • Cherry is high in beta-carotene, thus is helpful in maintaining a healthy eye sight.
  • They have diuretic properties due to the presence of good amount of potassium.

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