Health Benefits of Cheese

Cheese is one of the most widely used dairy products across the world. Taste, health benefits and easy availability makes it famous among the masses. Cheese is obtained basically from milk, from various animals like cows, buffalo, sheep, goats and camels. Cheese is nothing but coagulation of milk protein ‘Casein’. Cheese is one of the few products that are widely used in breakfasts, lunch and dinners.

Various variety of cheese are available in the market thus providing ample choice for the users. Mozarella, ricotta, Gouda, cottage cheese are the most famous variety used in the market. Widely used in some of the most famous and favorite dishes like pizzas, sandwiches, lasagne; cheese is regarded as a core ingredient. Cheese is famous as a rich source of calories, fats, protein, calcium and phosphorous. Lets have a look at the health benefits of cheese.

Health Benefits of Cheese

Health Benefits of Cheese

Nutritional Health Benefits of Cheese

Cheese provides an important source for a balanced diet. A rich source in fats and calcium, cheese also provides a healthy amount of protein,vitamins,carbohydrates and many other nutrients. It’s a good source of iron which helps in  preventing anemia, weakness, coughs and helps in hemoglobin formation. Cheese also contains sodium which plays a vital role in blood regulation in the body and deficiency of it can cause weight loss and dizziness. Cheese also consists of vitamin B12, zinc, phosphorous and riboflavin.

Cheese Benefits – Strengthens Bones and prevents Cancer

Cheese provides with a decent amount of calcium (100-200mg for 1oz serving), which helps in making the bones strong. Calcium helps in preventing osteoporosis and other bone problems. Cheese, thus by providing calcium increases the bone density in the body .A right amount of calcium intake is helpful in restricting ovarian and breast cancer. Cheese contains CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) a key constituent for combating cancer.

Cheese Benefits – Adds glow to the Skin

A healthy skin is a boon for every person and cheese helps in providing the same. Its a  source of vitamin B that aids cell metabolism, thus helping in the  growth of cells, making the skin to glow and remove blemishes ,resulting in healthy skin.

Health Benefits of Cheese – Great help for Teeth

As mentioned earlier cheese contains a good amount of calcium, which helps our teeth to grow strong and makes it cavity free. It aids in the reduction of  formation of plague and spurs saliva helping in keeping the mouth germs free.

Health Benefits of Cheese – Helps in gaining Weight

Cheese is known for its high calorie and around 50% of it contains fat.Thus,it helps in making a person healthy and helps put on  weight. Though eating too much of it can trigger some health problems but having it in a balanced diet and consuming cheese judiciously can prove healthy.

Cheese Benefits – Helps in Sleep

Cheese has been scientifically proven to be beneficial as it trigger sleep and prevents insomnia. Basically cheese contains Tryptophan (an amino acid) that reduces stress and helps in sleep.

Other Health Benefits of Cheese

  • Cheese for Healthy Retina – Cheese helps in the growth of tissues and helps against macular degeneration (loss of sight due to retina damage).
  • Cheese enhances Immunity and Digestion – It helps in improving the immune system, helps in digestion and combats constipation.
  • Person suffering from high cholesterol, hyper tension, high pressure and obesity must try to lower the cheese consumption because of its high fat content.

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