Health Benefits of Butter

Butter is a dairy product which is obtained by processing milk. It is used as a substitute to oil in the preparation of various dishes, as a spread or to provide its salty and fatty flavor. It is extensively used while baking and pan frying.  Many delicious cuisines are dependent on butter. It is used in various sweets, sauces and curries. It is a rich source of saturated fat which helps in absorbing many nutrients. Let us have a look at the various nutritional and health benefits of butter.

Health Benefits of Butter

Health Benefits of Butter

Nutritional Benefits of Butter

Butter is a major source of milk fat and constitutes 80% of it. It provides high amount of energy and a consumer can get around 700 calories for 100 gram of butter. It is rich in both saturated and monounsaturated fat. It is also a great source of vitamins and minerals like manganese, chromium, zinc and copper.

Health Benefits of Butter – Prevents Cancer

Butter helps in restricting the metabolism of carcinogenic cells. It is a source of conjugated linoleic acid which has anti-cancerous properties. It is known to really trigger the substance that restricts the growth of tumor known as PTPRG.  It has been found to work against breast cancer. Even fatty acids found in butter have anti-cancer properties. It is also rich is various anti-oxidants that inhibit the production of cancerous cells. It contains good cholesterol which is helpful against colon cancer.

Butter prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

Butter is good for heart. It contains lecithin which helps in the proper disintegration and metabolism of cholesterol. Vitamin-A aids in maintaining adrenal and thyroid glands efficient which play a vital role in the working of cardiovascular system. It is rich in selenium and Vitamin-E which are potent anti-oxidants and protect the blood vessels and reduces heart strokes. Butter contains good cholesterol and medium and short fatty acids which get easily broken and doesn’t account for fat level in blood.

Health Benefits of Butter – Source of Healthy Fatty Acids

Butter contains short and medium fatty acids which help in strengthening the immunity of a person.  These fatty acids help in protecting the body from various pathogens. It is a source of omega3 and omega 6 fats which are really helpful for the well being of eyes, skin and brain efficiency.

Helps in gaining Weight and promotes Growth

Butter is a rich source of energy and contains lot of fats. These fats provide instant energy and is filling when consumed. The fats provided by butter do not add up in adipose tissues and are easily broken. Cholesterol found in butter helps in making the brain efficient and develops the nervous system. They are very beneficial for youngsters and must be consumed by them.

Butter is a rich source of Vitamins

Butter is a rich source of Vitamin-A, which is very beneficial for healthy eyesight. It gets converted into retinaldehyde which helps in protecting the eyes. It also aids in providing stronger bones and teeth as it helps in supporting dentin which forms a protective layer in our enamel. It enhances the immune system as it strengthens mucous membrane and urinary tract.

It also provides Vitamin-B, D and K2. They are fat soluble vitamins. Vitamin-D helps in the absorption of calcium which strengthens the bones and prevents osteoporosis.  Vitamin-K helps in blood clotting.

Other Health Benefits of Butter

  • Butter contains glycospingolipids which is a type of fatty acid which is helpful against gastro-intestinal problems. It is a source of iodine which helps prevent disease like goitre.
  • Butter contains a nutrient known as wulzen factor which protects against arthritis; joint pains and helps in maintaining and absorbing the right calcium level in bones.

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