Health Benefits of Almond

Almonds are commonly consumed nuts, small and hard, they have various health benefits. Usually eaten as a snack (raw or roasted), almonds can also be consumed with various fruits and vegetables. Almonds are found to be either bitter or sweet. Bitter almonds are used in the production of almond oil whereas sweet ones are used for eating. They are widely used in culinary for the preparation of various cakes, cookies, desserts. The various nutritional and health benefits of almond are mentioned below.

Health Benefits of Almond

Health Benefits of Almond

Nutritional Value of Almond

Almonds provides a lot of calories, around 580 Calories for 100 gms. A rich source of carbohydrates and dietary fibre, almonds also provides protein, Vitamin-E, monounsaturated fats and minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium and phosphorous.

Health Benefits of Almonds – Must for Healthy Heart

Almond consumption can drastically reduce the potential occurrence of heart diseases. Monounsaturated fats present in almonds help in the reduction of bad cholesterol (LDL) from the body.  Presence of phytosterols in nuts also trigger lowering of cholesterol levels.  Moreover, almond intake increases the good cholesterol(HDL) in the body.
Vitamin-E which acts as an antioxidant along with magnesium also helps in lowering heart related risks as they reduce C-reactive proteins which significantly increase artery inflammation. Folic acid in almonds reduces the formation of plague in arteries. Thus almonds provide a lot of compounds which help in the prevention of heart problems. It is strongly recommended to add this wonder nut in your diet.

Almond Health Benefits – Improves Skin Complexion

Almond oil is recommended for new born babies as it aids in improving the complexion of the skin and nourishes it. A source of Vitamin-E, it helps in making the skin healthy. Antioxidants in almonds help in the removal of toxins from the body and hence cleanse it. Almond oil reduces pimple, acne marks and zits when applied on them.
Almond helps in proper functioning of the digestive system and has been found to be beneficial against constipation. Proper and efficient digestion automatically reflects on the skin as it makes it to glow.

Health Benefits of Almond – Improves Memory

Almonds are source of riboflavin and L-carnitine that helps to trigger the brain functions. Pyridoxine in almonds helps in brain cell communication by increasing the protein intake for brain cell repair.  Magnesium, riboflavin and copper in almonds help in reducing the chances of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Almonds aid Weight Loss

Although rich in calories, almonds aid in the reduction of body weight. Handful of almonds can fill the stomach because of monounsaturated fats in it, thus prevent overeating. Good fibre content makes it even more helpful for losing weight as it aids in burning fat. So, obese people must consume a certain amount of almonds daily so as to shed weight.

Health Benefits of Almond – Prevents Cancer

Almonds are found to prevent prostate and colon cancer. Phytochemicals in almonds help in reducing the multiplication of cancer cells in the body. A compound called laetrile is also found in almond which kills cancer cells.
Almond is also rich in Vitamin-E and fibre which prevents the growth of cancer. Vitamin-E in almond is in the form of alpha- tocopherol which is known to prevent the metabolism of cancer cells. Breast and rectal cancer have been found to be curbed by almonds.

Other Health Benefits Of Almond

  • Almond for Healthy Bones and Teeth

    Almonds help in strengthening bones and teeth.

  • Almonds for Energy

    Almonds are a source of manganese and copper that are essential for superoxide dismutase, which helps in the production of energy.

  • Almonds to improve Digestion

    Almonds soaked in water are useful for digestion, skin and digests fat in the body.

  • Almond for lowering Blood Pressure

    Health benefits of almond also includes lowering high blood pressure because of its low sodium content.

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