Hangover Cures

Hangovers are difficult when you have an early morning schedule after a long party night. The feeling of dizziness, dry mouth, nausea and headache can ruin the entire day’s work. So, here we discuss a few effective remedies of hangover so that you can get rid of these symptoms and enjoy refreshing mornings.

Hangover Cures

Hangover Cures

Hydrate your body before sleep

This is perhaps the easiest and most effective hangover cure you can adopt. Alcohol dehydrates the body causing loss of electrolytes from the body. Dehydrated body decreases the metabolism activities in the system and increases the chances of hangover. Make sure to drink water before sleep and carry a bottle of water to bed. Avoid taking early morning dose of caffeine drink as it will lead to further water loss and aggravate hangover.

Pop multi-vitamins or up your juice intake

Another cause of hangover is inflammation. Antioxidants are the best anti-inflammatory agents. Make sure to take multi-vitamin tablets or drink fruit juices like orange, lemon or pomegranate to reduce the symptoms. Vitamin-B rich supplements are useful hangover cures as they enhance the processing of alcohol in the body.

Consume a full meal

We often consume a light meal, starters or salad along with alcohol. Even though we should not stuff ourselves heavily, but proper meal intake is necessary to metabolize alcohol. Make sure to consume a meal high in carbs, protein and fats.

After drinks – Effective Hangover Cures

A lot of after drink products are available in the market which increases the electrolyte content in the body. Coconut water and sports drink are also good options.

Start the morning with a healthy breakfast

To get rid of headaches and drowsiness, have a balanced and a nutritious meal. High fiber diet helps in the absorption of the leftover alcohol in the body and consumption of eggs aid in providing the required vitamins especially vitamin-b.

Proper sleep

It takes time for the alcohol in the body to get metabolized. A good night sleep helps in with a rejuvenating morning.

Avoid smoking while drinking

Research has proven that smoking along with drinking increases the chances of hangover. So, it is advisable to do them separately.

Take medication

Aspirin and ibuprofen are great hangover cures which can give relief from headaches, dizziness and concentration problem. These tablets should be taken in the morning only after breakfast.

Try to avoid mixing alcohols

While drinking, stick to one particular kind of alcohol. Mixing different alcohols drastically decreases the metabolism of alcohol and leaves you with a harsh hangover.

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