Facial hair growth

Beard is a man’s most prized possession. It reflects intelligence, leadership, personality, masculinity and fashion statement. Research shows that it boosts confidence in men and they find themselves more attractive. However, many men find it difficult to grow full beard and some find it irritating & shave it. So, in our article we will be telling you the tips of increasing facial hair growth along with its benefits.

Facial hair growth

Facial hair growth

Health benefits of facial hair growth

Sun barrier

Full grown beard acts as a barrier to the harmful UV-rays. Research has found that 90% of the rays are unable to penetrate thick beard. Ultra violet rays are the primary reason why skin aging occurs prematurely. Pigmentation, wrinkles and dead skins are some of the other causes of UV-rays. So, whenever you are going on a vacation or a trip to hot sunny places; make sure to have a full grown beard. It will act as a natural sun screen for you. Other skin conditions like skin rashes and skin cancer can be limited by beard.


During cold chilly season, beard acts as an insulator for your skin. Skin tends to become rough and dry during winters. Beard acts as a natural moisturizer and keeps your skin well-conditioned.

Prevents air borne diseases

Throat and lung infection can be prohibited by beard. Many air borne infections are caused when the virus and bacteria enters our body via mouth or nose. Beard protects in preventing these pathogens from entering. Diseases like asthma can be combated by keeping a thick beard as it acts as a filter for the air we breathe.

Combats skin problems

Lots of men have sensitive skin. Whenever they use a razor for a shave, they are susceptible to rashes and acne. This is because it creates space for the bacteria to grow and infect. Also a person can experience cuts and bruises while shaving. Beard helps in preventing these hassles and keeps your skin clean.

Stay young

Even though people believe that beard on a man makes him look older. But truth is beard helps in preventing sun exposure and air dust. This helps in keeping the skin youthful and inhibits pigments, spots and blemish. So, if you want to stay young; start flaunting your beard. Regular shaves tend to make skin rough and hard. Keep beard for soft and supple skin.

Natural moisturizer

Beards are natural moisturizing agents. Oils are regularly released from our skin via sebaceous gland which beard helps in storing them and thus keeps the skin hydrated for a longer time. People with dry skin in particular are recommended to grow beard in order to restore moisture in your skin.

Facial hair growth

Facial hair growth

Tips on increasing facial hair growth


Growth of hair depends on the testosterone level present in our body. So, you will notice people even in their early 20’s have full grown beard which older men are deprived off. Daily exercise is a proven fact that it helps in increasing testosterone level. Make it a point to workout every day to increase hair growth. Exercise increases blood circulation in our body. Blood is a carrier of nutrients like protein and vitamins which stimulates hair growth.

Stay stress free

Stress hormone cortisol directly impacts testosterone level in body. Research suggests that people under stress, anxiety and depression have lower level of testosterone. Stressed person experiences thinner blood vessels resulting in providing lesser nutrients to hair follicles. Meditate and yoga to stay cheerful. You can even indulge in your hobby to ward off stress.

Eat healthy

Consume nutritious diet and have foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and protein. Add kale, salmon, walnuts, eggs, spinach in your diet to promote hair growth.

Skin regime

It is important to maintain proper skin hygiene. Exfoliate your skin atleast once a week. Use a mild face wash and keep your face clean. Cleaner skin helps in promoting more hair. Do not keep your skin dry and always moisturize your skin.

Facial hair growth

Facial hair growth

Stay committed

Commitment is the key. You have to be really patient if you want to grow thick beard. Follow the 4 weeks rule. This helps in allowing the small hair to grow. Do not trim your hair in this period.

Beard oil

Now a days a lot of beard oils are available in the market. Even beard thickeners are present in the market. Feel free to use them to increase hair growth. Beard thickener can be used in the areas where beard growth is uneven and patchy.


Medications can also be taken. Consult your doctor and take tablets rich in biotin, copper, magnesium, zinc, iron and vitamin-e.

Oil massage

Jojoba oil and castor oil act as good hair conditioner. Massage your beard with these oil to get thick and healthy hair.

Facial hair growth

Facial hair growth

Stop shaving

Don’t shave frequently if you want to develop thick beard. There is no clear evidence that frequent shaves make hair grow faster.

Get your beauty sleep

Lastly, good night sleep is important to produce testosterone . Sleep for adequate amount of time.

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