Effects of Smoking

Around 2 million people die annually smoking cigarettes and 1 in 4 adults in the world is a smoker. A smoker inhales a range of poisonous chemicals like nicotine, tar, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide and DDT to name a few of the 4000 odd  harmful substances. Smoking is an expensive affair and facts tell us that smoking 1 pack of cigarettes per day for 10 years amounts to whopping $80000. Smoking not only affects the smoker by destroying immune system but also his/her friends and families. Passive smoking can lead to bronchitis, asthma and even cancer in severe conditions. A lot of times few people are not comfortable talking to smokers as they smell of smoke or exhibit poor oral hygiene, which can be embarrassing. It is always better to understand the adverse effects of it and work on it to inhibit smoking. So, we will be discussing the harmful effects of smoking.

Effects of smoking

Effects of smoking

Smoke destroys your heart

Tobacco is filled with chemicals which decrease the efficiency of cardiovascular muscle. These chemicals build plaque in the arteries and hinder the flow of blood. This disease is known as atherosclerosis. Other common heart related problems we tend to avoid are chest pains & high blood pressure that we experience and blame it on fatty foods but chances are that they are caused because of the smoke inhaled. Also blood clots, strokes and bleeding are some common consequences faced by a chain smoker.

Effects of smoking: Cancer

A person can get roughly 20 kinds of cancer by tobacco. Some of them are lungs, kidney, liver, colon, oral and stomach cancer. You will find thousands of chemicals in tobacco and hundreds of them can cause cancer related health hazards. Smoking 10 and 20 cigarettes a day can increase the chances of kidney cancer by 1.5 times and 2 times respectively.

Smoking harms stomach

Smoking causes re-flux where in the acid of your body comes back to gullet. This process increases the chances of ulcers and stomach cancer.

Brain Hemorrhage

Brain aneurysm occurs when the blood vessels get weak which results in protrusion of blood vessels. This can result in hemorrhage.

Stop dreaming of youthful skin

Smoking leads to premature aging. Wrinkles and hard skin are quite visible and evident on the face of a smoker. The flow of oxygen gets affected as it narrows the blood vessels and restricts the easy passage of blood.


Like discussed earlier, flow of blood via blood vessels get affected which leads to decrease of blood in the reproductive organ and reduces sperm count. Possibility of testicular cancer also increases. In the case of women chances of fertility gets reduced by smoking. Premature birth and birth defects are some of the problems that a smoking women can face when giving birth.

Effects of smoking: Weak bones

The bone density reduces drastically in smokers and can cause osteoporosis.

NOTE: Cigarette Alternatives

Most people feel that light cigarettes and menthol cigarettes are somewhat less harmful than regular smoke. But there is not any evident proof for it. In fact researchers have found that smoking any kind of cigarettes contain same amount of toxic chemicals.

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