Diabetes Diet

Diabetes is a raging and ever increasing challenge faced by people around the world. Millions of people are suffering from this condition which occurs due to the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin. Diabetes is categorized in two: Type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. The common symptoms of this condition are headache, weight loss, excessive urination, increased thirst and hunger. A diabetic patient is recommended to follow a strict diet plan and a healthy lifestyle. We will now discuss the foods that are recommended for anyone suffering from this condition.

Diabetes Diet

Diabetes Diet


Diabetes Diet – Apple

Apple consumption can help in regulating the blood sugar level. It slows down the process of sugar digestion as it inhibits alpha-amylase and alpha-glucosidase which are known to trigger carbohydrate disintegration. Polyphenols are known to lower the absorption of glucose in the blood. Insulin production is also maintained and insulin receptors are activated by its consumption. It aids the pancreas to work effectively which helps in curbing the level of glucose in the body.

Avocado for Diabetes

Avocados contain fats which are good for health and not harmful to the body. These fats are monounsaturated fatty acids which can be utilised efficiently and is not deposited or accumulated. They are also high in dietary fibre. These dietary fibre keep a person sated for a long period of time. They even help in regulating blood sugar level and reduce insulin resistance.

Blueberries for Diabetics

These fruits are rich in fibre and antioxidants. Anthocyanins are the antioxidants present in them which have shown positive results in reducing diabetes.

Diabetes Diet – Carrots

Presence of carotenoids helps in the proper regulation of blood sugar level in the body. They help in resisting the absorption of glucose in the body thus preventing the sugar level to rise.

Quinoa in Diabetes diet

Inflammation is one of the prime reasons for diabetes. Quinoa is loaded with anti-inflammatory agents. They are phenolic acids, Vitamin E compounds and polysaccharides. These nutrients can help combat type-2 diabetes. Quinoa is even rich in soluble fibre, which helps in delaying the disintegration of food particles. This helps in proper supply of glucose to the body. It is also low in glycaemic index and thus prevents sudden spikes. High ratio of protein to carbohydrate is one of the other reasons for the proper regulation of sugar in the body. Quercetin is a kind of antioxidant present in quinoa which helps in reducing the onset of diabetes.

Flax seeds to inhibit Diabetes

High amount of dietary fibre can aid in regulating blood sugar and can control occasional spikes. It can be consumed to inhibit diabetes.

Diabetes Diet – Garlic

Garlic helps in reducing the blood sugar level in the body. Garlic extracts are helpful in reducing blood homocysteine level. It triggers the functioning of liver which produces insulin thereby regulating glucose level in the blood.

Walnuts to curb Diabetes

Walnuts can restrict the glucose level in the body and has been found to prevent type-2 diabetes. They have been found to significantly reduce diabetes because of the high percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids. They help in insulin production in the liver thereby counterattacking the glucose intake. It is also rich in minerals, plant protein and fibre which help in breaking down the glucose in the body.

Onions for Diabetics

Onions are rich in chromium, which can help in regulating the blood sugar. It helps in making the insulin effective and more sensitive.

Diabetes Diet – Oats

Diabetic patients are advised to add oats to their diet.  High amount of fibre helps in controlling the level of glucose from surging or plummeting.  It contains a compound known as beta-glucan which slows down the process of carbohydrate digestion and thus dramatic drift in the glucose level is restricted. It also aids in increasing the insulin sensitivity due to the presence of magnesium, which is an important co-factor for enzymes for insulin secretion. Type 2 diabetic patients should consume it as it is found to decrease the amount of insulin needed by around 35-40%.


Foods to avoid in Diabetes

  • Coffee
  • Sodas, carbonated drinks and packed fruit juices
  • Frozen meals
  • Fried foods
  • Raisins
  • White bread
  • Whole milk
  • High fat meats
  • High starch vegetables
  • Candies

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