Dental Care

We love to flaunt our smiles. It reflects confidence and makes people around us more cheerful. Also, oral hygiene is one of the first things that a person notices about us. Bad odour, pale teeth and gums can be offending and embarrassing.

Also, tooth decay, plaque buildup and gum infections are some of the common conditions one can suffer from if a regular dental regime is not followed. Neglecting dental care can be taxing as oral treatment is both painful and expensive. So, let us have a look at dental care tips that one should follow.

Dental care

Dental care

Brush twice a day

Make it a point to brush your teeth at night. Brushing at night is more important than in the mornings. Use back and forth, up and down technique to remove maximum germs. Lastly, brush your tongue as germs are infested there which can lead to bad odor.

Avoid sugary foods

High sugar containing foods, carbonated drinks & coffee can decay calcium, causing tooth decay. These foods are rich in carbohydrate and when they get in touch with bacteria present in the mouth; they build plaque. Plaque can stick in between teeth and can cause cavity. Carbonated drinks are also a source of phosphoric acid and citrus acid which can erode enamel. So, try to avoid these foods. If you are consuming them, make sure to brush your teeth immediately after it.

Dental Care – Floss daily

Floss at least once a day as your brush sometimes misses out on the intricacies. A lot of times food particles are stuck in between teeth which can’t be thrown out by your brush.

Eat healthy food

Calcium is the essential component of teeth. Enamel is primarily made of calcium and requires it to strengthen. Along with Calcium, you require Vitamin-D, iron, zinc, potassium and copper for better dental health. So, consume milk, cheese, yogurt, green leafy vegetables, apples, almonds and broccoli.

Have regular dental clinic visits

Prevention is better than cure. So, make sure you meet your dentist at least once a month.

Dental Care – Daily mouthwash

Use mouth wash after every meal. Mouth wash containing chlorine dioxide has the ability to kill bacteria. Also, mouth wash makes the mouth fresh and removes bad odor.

Don’t consume tobacco

Never ever chew tobacco. It is dangerously harmful for your oral care. It can lead to tooth decay and also result in bad breath. This can also erode your gums thereby exposing your teeth. Tobacco is also an oral cancer causing agent.

Avoid Smoking

Cigarette contains nicotine and tar which can discolor your teeth to yellow or even brown in severe conditions. Lack of oxygen in the bloodstream due to smoking makes gums more susceptible to injuries. It delays the healing process of gums and can cause tooth decay. Plaque and tartar formation on teeth are some of the common dental problems caused by smoking. Persistent smoking can even lead to oral cancer.

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