Benefits of drinking water

We are often advised to drink plenty of water and we only tend to drink it when we are thirsty and fail to understand the numerous ways in which water helps our body.Our body is composed of 60% water and water plays a vital role in majority of body functions. So, let’s discuss the various benefits of drinking water.

benefits of drinking water

Benefits of Drinking Water

Improves digestion

Water helps in the process of digestion. It acts as a mixing agent and aids in breaking down the food. Consumption of adequate amount of water can improve bowel movement and prevent constipation. Lack of water in the body, on the other hand, can lead to digestive disorders.

Prevents weight gain

Water is the only food which is calorie free. It can help in keeping the body sated. Anyone who wants to lose weight should consume water before every meal. This prevents over eating. Drinking water also benefits you by flushing away all the toxins from the body. Keeping yourself hydrated makes the skin radiant. Water is a natural moisturizer and prevents the skin from getting dry. Drinking tons of water can even reduce the occurrence of kidney stones and research has found that bowel cancer can also be inhibited by it.

Benefits of Drinking water – Reduces fatigue

We often drink water after workout. This is because water can ward off fatigue and can aid in relaxing the muscles. After exercise the body loses water and dehydration can lead to muscle cramps. So, drinking water benefits you while exercising.

Water to enhance mood

Water is a natural mood enhancer. Lack of water may result in stress, lack of concentration and brain fatigue. It is because fluid loss is directly connected to brain performance. Also, you can experience headaches when you are dehydrated. So, keep yourself hydrated throughout the day and avoid drinking too much water at one go.

No more hangovers

One of the major reasons of hangover is loss of fluid. So, drinking water benefits you by keeping the electrolyte level intact and prevents you from hangover. Make sure you drink water before going to sleep and keep a bottle of water nearby so that you can sip it in the middle of the night if required.

Regulates body temperature

One of the benefits of drinking water is that its regulates body temperature. The process of draining down the sweat from the sweat glands means cooling down the heat and thus maintaining the body temperature.

Strong cartilages

Cartilage in our body contains 85% water. So, consumption of water helps in keeping the joints lubricated and thus becomes less prone to cramps and injuries.

Tips on how to increase water consumption

  • Start your day by drinking 2 glasses of water. It will start the metabolism in the body and will make you active.
  • Make it a point to drink beverages along with every meal. Avoid carbonated drinks. Fresh fruit juices will help you in gaining antioxidants, minerals and vitamins as well.
  • Always carry a bottle when working out or going out in the sun. A lot of water is lost while working out. So, drinking water in regular intervals will keep you active and hydrated.
  • Have a fruit salad in the afternoon or as an evening snack. Fruits contain mostly water and thus will maintain the water level in the body.

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